Jiena Gu McLellan

A Software Developer & Data Enthusiast

Selected Demo Apps and Podcast

My Shiny Dev Series Podcast Interview:

ANOVA Tutorial App:

This app demos different parameters would have different impacts on the ANOVA result.


The PlayeR website teaches you how to programming in R and Statistics interactively with practicing in the R console. No need to downlaod anything. Have fun!

Word Cloud with Dynamic Reporting:

Creating a word cloud and documenting personal comment and report in PDF.

Predictive Model App with Predictive Interval Highlighted:

Shiny App for Predictive Analytics.

Dynamic Reporting Shiny App:

Not only analytic but also documenting personal comment and report in PDF.

DT Editor:

Here is a DT editor shiny module that can fit for any data.table You just need to create your data.table and load it to the same location of your shiny app as note.rds https://github.com/jienagu/DT_editor_shiny_module

Shiny Full Flow:

This app demonstrates the basic work flow from data entry to dynamic report. This display might be useful to create and host a small-scaled data platform and reporting system without incorporating Database such as documenting team projects progress or monthly or weekly marketing performance platform.

D3 Folded Chart:

Folded data structure: zoom in to monthly chart by either clicking bar or the dropdown menu from slidebar. Click “ALL” from dropdown selector to reset! When zooming in monthly chart, both bar chart and donut chart are zoom into monthly level.